Tierra Service

The Tierra artificial life (ALife) simulator has been added to YouShare as a service.

Tierra is a computer simulation developed by ecologist Thomas S. Ray in the early 1990s in which computer programs compete for central processing unit (CPU) time and access to main memory. In this context, the computer programs in Tierra are considered to be evolvable and can mutate, self-replicate and recombine.

The service is based upon Tierra version 6_02, with the patch from Matthias Rav (http://tierra.lolwh.at/) and is implemented on CentOS5 Linux.

The service takes a zipped (.zip, .tgz, .tar.gz) folder as its input. This input folder should contain:

The output from the service is a tgz’ed folder containing the “standard” tierra outputs.

The service does some checking that the input folder contains valid data. If not, the service will fail, giving the reason in the resulting log file.