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Service Name Short Description
Lossless compression. This service takes a single file and applies either the zip or gz algorithms.
EEG stage ground truth comparison EEG stage ground truth comparison
Simple Latex Compilation A simple latex service using the base linux latex installation. Does not support multiple files, only a single tex file.
Image Invert (NDF) Pixel-based image inversion service.
Text file format conversion service Text file format utility, converts end of line characters to suit UNIX, DOS and MAC conventions.
CSV Transpose Transposes a CSV data file such that the row and column data are switched.
Blastx (basic) Does a basic blastx search on a FASTA nucleotide database.
Raw Data to NDF Convertor Converts raw nueroscience data files (mcd, nev, nex, plx, map, abf, abf2 and smr) into NDF format
Tailirach Daemon TD is a high-speed database server for querying data about human brain structure.
Infer.NET Runs inference on graphical models created using Microsoft Inter.NET (C#)
Dimension Reductionality Visualisation Tool Data visualisation tool for dimensionality reduction suite.
NCS to NDF Convertor with Timestamps Converts ncs continuous data with gaps and outputs segmented data type, and event data for recorded timestamps
abs2obj Converts an ABS format point cloud (in particular Face Recognition Grand Challenge dataset) into an OBJ mesh.
Word Frequency Analysis Performs word frequency analysis on text documents.
Graphviz sfdb visualisation tool Graphviz SFDB layout engine for undirected graphs. Based on Graphviz (2.26) sfdb tool
PDF to Postscript Convertor PDF to Postscript document converter. Based on the linux utility pdf2ps and Ghostscript.
Postscript to PDF Convertor Postcript to PDF converter. Based on the unix utility ps2pdf and Ghostscript.
CMAC Multi-Channel Time-Series Pattern Match Service This service can perform pattern matching across multiple time-series channels. Similar to the SDE task planner Find functionality.
Simple sort service Utility for sorting rows of data in a text file.
Image scale Scales the size of an image.
Image Threshold Threshold the image at the specified percentage.
Basal Ganglia A model of the basal ganglia.
Intrinsic Dimensionality Estimation This service includes six techniques to estimate the intrinsic dimensionality of a data set.
Image Flip Reflect the scanlines of an image in the vertical direction.
Image Auto Level Automatically adjusts the colour levels of an image.
Image Blur Blur an image with the required radius. Underlying functionality is provided by ImageMagik. Example usage :- ImageBlur source.jpg 5 dest.jpg
Image Color Space Changes the colourspace of an image.
Image Convert Convert an image to an alternative format.
Image Depth Set the number of bits in a colour sample within a pixel.
Image Flop Reflect the scanlines of an image in the horizontal direction.
Image Rotate Rotate an image by the specified degrees.
Image Sharpen Sharpen an image with the required radius.
FastMVU Dimensionality reduction through Fast Maximum Variance Unfolding.
tSNE Dimensionality reduction through t-Stochastic Neighbour Embedding.
StringMOL Creates containers of molecules and analyses their binds.
Apache Tika The Apache Tika command line utility extracts text content and metadata from all sorts of files
Laplacian Smooth Performs Laplacian Smoothing on a 3D Mesh.
EEG Stage Identification This service identifies Awake, Non-REM and REM stages in EEG data.
Run MLP Neural Network Sensitivity Analysis Perform a sensitivity analysis on a trained multilayer perceptron against a single data file in either table or matrix format
Run MLP Neutal Network Execute a trained multilayer perceptron against a single data file in either table or matrix format.
Image Crop Crop an area from an image at the specified start location.
3DConvert Convert a 3D Mesh to an alternative format.
Aura Alert Store Loads a CSV file and adds all previously unseen states from the file to a previously created and saved Aura Alert detector.
Aura Alert Detect Loads a CSV file and checks it for novel states against a previously created and saved AURA Alert detector.
2D Frequency Dependent Boundaries Models a 2D mesh with frequency dependent boundaries
Dopamine-modulated medium spiny neuron, reduced model Extends Izhikevich’s reduced model of the striatal medium spiny neuron (MSN) to account for dopaminergic modulation of its intrinsic ion channels and synaptic inputs.
Create MLP Neural Network using Table Data Creates a multilayer perceptron from a data file in the table data format, i.e., text files containing tabular data.
Create MLP Neural Network using Matrix Data Creates a multilayer perceptron neural network from a single data file in the matrix data format.