Introduction to YouShare Services

YouShare Services are programs that can be executed on the YouShare platform to process data held in the YouShare data repository. The programs can be based upon a user’s proprietary code, or a common software package – these can be converted into a service via a wrapping process, then deployed on the YouShare platform for execution.

YouShare Services can be given access permissions; they can be private to the creator of the service, be shared with specific users and/or groups of users, or made publically available to all registered YouShare users. The following link provides a list of some of the public services available on the portal, though a more thorough and update to list is available on the portal via the service search box.

We can currently create services from programs written in Python, Java, R, C/C++, Matlab, perl, bash/bat scripts, or indeed most executables or scripts that can be run via a command line. We also support multiple OS platforms, such as Linux and windows. More detailed information on creating YouShare Services can be found here.

To find out how to use YouShare Services, please see the help section.